Leveraging Customer Rewards and Incentives to Grow Affiliate Marketing Programs – Retail Info Systems News

Leveraging Customer Rewards and Incentives to Grow Affiliate Marketing Programs – Retail Info Systems News

Proactive marketing managers are meeting the challenge to grow their affiliate marketing programs in order to meet aggressive goals. There are multiple levers to pull in this regard. Distribution is a key component, ensuring that the brand is working with the largest publishers, and also building relationships with emerging one-to-many technology platforms that enable the rewards ecosystem. In addition, marketing managers are implementing traditional methods, including optimizing commission payouts and launching exclusive coupons.

The rewards and coupon platforms are often built upon the foundation of affiliate marketing, and with the rise in cashback and rewards programs, the affiliate sector will see a resurgence in 2022. That’s good news for the whole ecosystem, as affiliate marketing has historically proven to be an efficient and consistent sales driver. Additionally, with the percent-of-spend pricing model, the advertiser’s ROAS through affiliate marketing is protected because payment is performance-based. Brands must continue to find offer distribution channels that already have significant reach, with a large prospective audience. This means partnering with networks and platforms that can help magnify the brand’s offers across the internet, including coupon and loyalty rewards platforms that can produce incremental conversion rate increases and higher basket sizes.

-Jordan Glazier, founder and CEO, Wildfire Systems

Jordan Glazier is the founder and CEO of Wildfire Systems, which provides an enterprise platform that enables partners to embed social commerce, rewards and cashback offerings within their existing services. A veteran technology executive and serial entrepreneur, Glazier was an early executive at eBay, where he was responsible for building several of the company’s largest business units from the ground up. Prior to founding Wildfire, he was the CEO of Eventful, Inc., which he built into the world’s largest discovery platform for local events and entertainment before it was acquired by CBS.

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