ACMA Blocks More Illegal Gambling and Affiliate Marketing Websites – European Gaming Industry News

ACMA Blocks More Illegal Gambling and Affiliate Marketing Websites – European Gaming Industry News

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Spotlight Sports Group will provide end-to-end management of a publisher-specific affiliate platform to AS. com’s millions of sports fans

Spotlight Sports Group (SSG), a world-leading technology, content and media company specialising in sports betting, announced today a joint venture with Diario AS (AS .com), the #3 sports publisher globally. The partnership will deliver new, high-growth revenue streams by combining Spotlight Sports Group’s sports betting expertise and user engagement technology with’s millions of unique monthly visitors.

The joint venture brings together elements of the two businesses to create a team of specialists to oversee the management of the website.’s selection to partner with Spotlight Sports Group and its state-of-the-art affiliate technology platform reflects the size of opportunity the partnership presents for the publishing giant.

“We are thrilled to have created this true partnership with They are a progressive company with an engaged audience and alongside our specialist sports betting content, this innovative platform will keep fans fully informed to make educated bets using Spotlight Sports Group’s data-driven affiliate technology,” said Harry von Behr, managing director (sport) & co-US CEO of Spotlight Sports Group. “This partnership positions Spotlight Sports Group as a leading provider of sports betting affiliate and engagement technology across the global publishing sector.”

Spotlight Sports Group will deliver:

Native Spanish language betting content

Responsive website using Spotlight Sports Group’s bespoke affiliate technology

Proprietary data sets

AI-based automated content generation

Smart content modules, bet builders and free-to-play games

Specialist services across technical SEO, social media and real-time CRM

Revenue optimisation management

Gonzalo Teubal Rodriguez of AS. com commented “This partnership is a win-win for It will deliver a world-class purpose-built platform for millions of sports fans built on the foundations of Spotlight Sports Group’s affiliate technology and empowering our users by giving them access to quality content and intuitive betting information and tools.”

Rodriguez added, “It’s a chance to build a long term partnership with a like-minded global publisher while creating a sustainable revenue model to complement our core publishing business.”

Spotlight Sports Group announced its intention to work with the world’s largest media companies by recently expanding its global proposition. This new-look offering includes a suite of products designed to showcase its specialist expertise in turnkey affiliate solutions for global publishers.



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